Friday, February 19, 2010

Fear Journal

When I was younger, I wasn't really scared of anything. The only things I was really scared of was spiders and being alone. Until this day on, I'm still scared of spiders and being alone. Being alone at night though. But when I was about the age of 7, I had a big scare with one spider. My friend and I were back behind her house, looking under a truck topper. I was a little unsure about crawling under the topper with her but she assured me everything would be fine. As soon as we kneeled to the ground, I looked down at my leg, only to see the biggest spider crawling up my leg. I stood up as fast as I could and started screaming and shaking my leg to get it off of me. Now as I remember it it looked as if I was doing some type of crazy dance. But ever since that day, i've been deathly afraid of spiders.


  1. Spiders are insanly gross. They crawl out of nowhere and they are disqusting! haha I was in my friends basement and I saw a HUGE spider hanging in the air down from the ceiling. I FREAKEDD! Then made me friend come and kill it. She though I was dying or something!

  2. Crazy. I know how you feel about spiders, not my favorite animal in the world. Nice job with the story! Trish I didnt know you were scared of spiders.

  3. I hate spiders so much! When I was reading your story I kept thinking there was spiders all over! I really hate when they come out of no where and you're like screaming! I still scream when I see a spider, and I hate killing them because that means I have to touch it!

  4. Oh my god I hate spiders and being alone too!!! My house is really old and the basement aka my room is so creepy! I find spiders down there all the time and whenever I'm home alone things creak and stuff makes noise which really freaks me out because no one else is home. And that ususally happens when its just starting to darken outside or if it's a stormy day or something hah. So I totally can relate! :)

  5. That sounds so gross! Good thing it didn't bite you or anything! I dont like spiders either no matter how small they are.

  6. Haha, ooh Patty and her fear of bugs..
    This goes to show that fears never drift away!
    We react similiarily when we see something we're afraid of. The only difference is the things we are terrified of!
    -You? Spiders
    -Me? Rats